Internet on your Television

tv-true is the website where you can find reviews and advice for all things related to the internet in your living room.

This tv-true website rates platforms, providers and content against the tv-true criterea: what is the user experience when accessing internet content through the television?

"100% tv-true" platforms and content solve the following issues when accessing the internet on your television:

  • The website visitor is typically sitting back on the sofa, 10 feet from the television rather than hunched over a PC - it's all about entertainment, if there needs to be text then it must be concise and readable from a distance;
  • The remote control is the only way to signal user input - keyboard or mouse should not be required for navigation;
  • television is poor at displaying detailed static images and small fonts, so should be avoided;
  • saturation of colours on television causes them to appear more vibrant than the same colour shown on PC screen and so the choice of colours (and position of colours next to each other) needs to be considered carefully.