continuous music streaming designed for ten foot viewing

AS OF JAN. 2013 CULL.TV WAS REPLACED BY MOX.TV, UNFORTUNATLEY MOX.TV IS NOT PROVIDING TV-TRUE TEN FOOT VIEWING provides channels of continuous streaming music videos, alleviating the visitor from having to search for the next video, or even picking up the mouse to choose from the list of related videos. The playback is in fullscreen and keeps the aspect ratio of the music video, so will work with any size tv. All the controls and navigation are designed for viewing on your televeision from the ten foot distance. is currently in a closed login mode, but you can use the invitation to register for the beta program.

A mouse click brings up the controls and channel changer, cannot be controlled from the keyboard.

There are no adverts yet(?) but the site does aoccasionally display a pop-up questionaire

How tv-true is it?

The expressed design goal of is usability from ten foot distance and with this it is faultless. The continuous streaming of videos makes it as effortless as watching regular TV channels. To navigate from the sofa though, you will need an airmouse, but these are becoming ubiquitous and the requirement is no longer the barrier it once was.

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