Homenet.tv provides a curated listing of internet content that is suitable or viewing on a television. "curated" means the webmaster checks the content for tv-true principles before listing on the website, anything that isnt going to work when viewed on a telvision doesnt get listed.

Recognising that the devices used for viewing websites on televisions vary in capabilities (can the device play flash9? does the website require a mouse/airmouse? etc), homenet.tv filters by browser type, only listing the content that works with that device. Device types handled include wii, ps3, netgem and various PC browsers and mobile devices.

Homenet.tv automatically resizes the listing images and font sizes so that the website works for any screen aspect ratio and size

This image shows the main listing page of homenet.tv. For some listed items, homenet.tv shows a preview of the current content. The preview is automatically updated so you can see at a glance items that may interest you.

Use the mouse or keyboard to navigate the items in the listing then press Ok to display a larger preview box with additional description.

Pressing Show will take you to that content. The preview box uses rgyb Fastext buttons for easy selection by suitably configured remote controls and keyboards.

The Vote+/Vote- options for altering the position of the content in the homenet.tv listing are not operational at this time

This image shows the content filtered for the Wii.

Selcting the Options link from listing page allows you to temporarily change the browser type, to see the effect of the filtering on device capabilities.

How tv-true is homenet.tv?

Clearly homenet.tv strives to offer a tv-true experience, its purpose and all the design elements are orientated to accessing internet content through a television.

After visiting certain of the listed content, you cannot return to homenet.tv using the Backspace key or the shortcut key sequence for the browser, it can only be done using mouse and choosing the page back button of the browser. This is caused by the visited webpage using the Backspace key for its own internal navigation, but destroys the seemless tv-true experience.

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