- UK Television Programme Aggregator

From you can download a Windows executable that provides a consistent user interface to the streamable programme content from all the UK free to air television websites. In the UK, each TV channel has its own website with idiosyncrasies of navigation and look and feel, crucially (apart from the bigscreen BBC iPlayer) these websites are only designed for PC or laptop viewing and so are not tv-true. addresses this issue making access of TV programmes over the internet convenient and enjoyable.

Although is a standalone program, it also integrates well with Windows Media Center and can take input from the WMC remote control.

Download the program and register to obtain an account id, launching the executable shows the screen of channel and programme selection:

Use the arrow keys of the keyboard or WMC remote control to navigate. Press OK or Return to select from the channels list on the left, programmes for that channel are shown in 16:9 aspect ratio thumbnails.

Pressing OK or Return to select a programme displays the episodes for that programme. Backspace takes you back to the programmes view. Use arrow keys to select the episode.

Whilst viewing the details, pressing OK or Return starts playing the video. After a second or so the player automatically switches to full screen (or if the "click to play" is shown then pressing the PLAY button will start the video in fullscreen). The WMC remote control STOP button stops the playing of the programme, the PLAY button toggles between playing and pausing (whilst paused the video returns to the window view. The SKIP button toggles between fullscreen and windowed video. With a normal keyboard, the Return key toggles play or pause. Unlike normal Flash player navigation, no mouse is required to perform these basic tasks!

At the top of the programme thumbnails screen is a menu, "Catch-up TV" is the main view described above.

From the menu, the "Freeview" option provides a frontend to website.

From the menu you can access the Settings of This view is not very tv-true, the check boxes are too small for ten foot viewing, some of the text is red on blue background which is not easy to read on a television and the text entry boxes require a keyboard. You may find that the initial setup of will require you to plugin a keyboard to your tv-true platform. If your PC has Windows Media Center then the Settings screen will show a button for installing into the WMC Extras menu (the install requires a couple of attempts)

After the WMC installation option, the icon is shown in the Extras libary. After launching from WMC, the remote control "Green Button" will exit and return to WMC (as does pressing BACK or STOP whilst focussed on top menu).

How tv-true is it? does a great job of providing a consistent interface, usable at the ten foot distance for streaming "catchup website" content. For day to day usage it makes access to UK TV programmes on the internet very easy indeed.

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