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STOP-PRESS : Seesaw closed in October 2011

In late February 2010 the seesaw website became available for the general visitor, previously it was open only to invited beta-testers. For UK residents only, Seesaw offers BBC, Channel 4 and channel Five programs on a catchup basis similar to the existing but channel specific websites. Before each programme there are one or two pre-roll advertisements that can't be skipped, this is followed by the originating channel and Seesaw branded announcements before the programme starts. So far, Seesaw's unique selling point is that it provides a single point of access for all these channels' programmes but how well does the website cope when viewing through the TV?

The seesaw provides a scrolling horizontal view of programs similar to the BBC iPlayer bigscreen

Showing a navigation menu for jumping to channel categories

Linking Seesaw to your tv-true platform

Simply point your tv-true platform browser to the seesaw web page.

How tv-true is Seesaw?

The programmes are played using the ubiqitous Flash player and this brings its own problems for navigation using a remote control such as the lack of keyboard shortcuts to operate the player

There some nice touches to the website, for example, after viewing a programmes for a few seconds the page outside the player window is grayed out helping you focus on the programme rather than the extraneous elements on the page.

From the screen shots you can see that sadly the website is designed for visitors who are hunched over their PC rather than sitting back on the sofa.

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