Part 1 : Step by step instructions for the install of MythDora

This page is part of a sequence of steps for creating a tv-true platform for viewing TV streaming websites on your television:

  1. Download the DVD image of the latest 32bit (i386) MythDora distribution. The latest MythDora 12.23 is available in 32 bit or 64 bit versions but in June 2010 Adobe withdrew Flash player support for 64 bit Linux, so 32 bit Linux is now the only option for viewing most TV stream websites. Download the MythDora-12-i386-DVD.iso file from this link.

    After downloading, a create DVD from the .iso file.

  2. Insert the DVD in the Asrock ION, when the Asrock starts up, press F11 to access the boot menu. Select the CD/DVD option to boot from.

  3. A screen like this appears, select the "Install or upgrade an existing system" option from this screen. At the next screen you can optionally test the media or skip this check.

  4. At this point the mouse should work. If you need to abandon the install press ctrl-alt-F2 to get to a hash rompt, then type "reboot". Use the mouse to press the "Next" button

  5. Select a language for installation process: English(English)

  6. Select keyboard: United Kingdom

  7. Enter hostname of this computer: asrock1

  8. Zoom in on the map and select a city for time zone e.g. London, Europe. Select "System clock uses UTC".

  9. Enter the password that you will use for the Unix root user

  10. Next the installation process asks you how you wish to partition the hard drive in the ION. Select the "Use entire drive" option for simplicity, this will reserve the whole of the disk for use by MythDora.

  11. After pressing Next, select the option to Write Changes to Disk

  12. Accept the defaults for installing a boot loader on /dev/sda, with the operating system list set to /dev/mapper/vg_asrock1-lv_root

  13. A dialog box briefly appears indicating "Retrieving installation information for Installation Repo.". From the next screen, in the top list box select "nVidia Graphics Drivers -- Geforce 6-9,ION series. From the second list on this screen, select respository "MythDora 12 - i386" ...

  14. ... this will prompt for network configuration, usually the default "Use dynamic IP configuration (DHCP)" will be sufficient. There will then be a pause whilst retrieving installation information for MythDora.

    When control returns also select "MythDora 12 Updates - i386".

  15. Pressing Next button starts the installation process ...

    ... after a short while a progress bar showing count of completed packages will appear.

    After about 22 minutes, all packages are installed (may take longer if your network connection is slow, 85 minutes at 256K ?)

  16. Press the Reboot button on the bottom right of the screen. As the PC restarts, a blue and white progress bar appears along the bottom of the screen.

  17. MythDora starts up showing the Welcome screen, press the Forward button.

  18. Accept license agreement

  19. Set date and time

  20. Send your hardware profile to the Fedora Project

  21. Pressing the "Set up MythTV..." button launches Firefox with the MythDora Configuration Page. From the drop-down list select "Master Backend with Frontend" and then the "Process Selections" button.

  22. A single web page is then shown for the configuration options (unless stated below, accept the default options):

    • Set Mythtv password (dont enable full sudo for mythtv)
    • Choose a Remote Control Model - from the drop-down list select the Media Center Remote 5 (lirc_mceusb2). Helpfully a picture of the chosen remote is shown, the Media Center Remote 5 has fastext (red, green, yellow, blue) buttons at the bottom and a "TV" button at top left
    • Choose an override IR module/receiver - from the drop-down select "lirc_mceusb2 (USB Media Center)"

    Press the "Process Selections" button at bottom of page

  23. When you see this page, close the browser, press Finish button at the MythTV Setup screen.

  24. In the next screen use the keyboard up/down arrow keys to choose your prefered language: English (British)

  25. The remote control now works. The MythTV "Main Menu" screen with the horizontal scrolling menu is shown, select the "1. General" menu item.

  26. To select items use the tab or up/down arrow keys of the keyboard or remote. Select the "Next >" button. At the "Locale Settings" page select the "TV format:" item, then left/right arrow keys to cycle through options, choose "PAL" for UK. In the "Channel frequency table:" choose "europe-west".

    For the remainder of the pages just accept the defaults by pressing the "Next >" and finally the "Finish" button.

    At the Main Menu screen press "esc" key to quit the frontend, accept the option to create the default Storage Group directories. The MythTV frontend exits and warns that no Schedules Direct or XMLTV configuration was detected. Pressing Ok from this warning restarts MythTV (language is asked for again). Accept the option for MythTV to upgrade your database.

  27. MythTV frontend restarts and the items of the Main Menu have now changed to the standard MythTV options. Press the Escape key to exit the MythTV frontend, or from the MythDora Tools menu you can select Reboot or Shutdown.

    If you would like to change the default horizontal scrolling theme to a more standard blue MCE type then from the Main Menu choose Utilities/Setup > Setup > Appearance > UI Theme, change from Terra to MythCenter or MythCenter-wide

  28. Make sure a command line terminal is started as well as the MythTV frontend (a command line shell could be useful if you lose the ability for system menu selection by mouse; just alt-tab to the terminal window using the keyboard). From the desktop menu select System > Preferences > Startup Applications. Press Add button, set Name to be "Terminal" and Command to be "gnome-terminal".

  29. Now move onto the next part of the installation

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