How to Use Your Mobile Phone as an Air-Mouse

If you have integrated your own TV True platform sooner or later you will have a need to plug in a keyboard and mouse to complete some configuration, or perhaps there is a website with essential content that cannot be navigated by remote control. How do you keep the ten foot experience? One solution is to use an air mouse i.e. a mouse that does not operate on a flat surface, instead the air mouse can be moved around in the air with corresponding movements of the on-screen cursor (similar to a Wiimote).

Instead of a bespoke hardware solution, there are a variety of air mouse mobile phone Apps that can be downloaded onto your phone, these Apps use the accelerometer within the phone to detect movement and so control the mouse cursor. As with all air mice there needs to be a server program running on your TV True platform (PC or Mac) that receives the WiFi signals from the phone.

Perhaps the best of these air mouse Apps is Mobile Mouse. Mobile Mouse was originally only for the iPhone (or iPod/iPad) but since October 2011 an Android version with the same interface and functionality has been made available.

Search for "Mobile Mouse" in iTunes on your iPhone or at the Market on your Android phone.

In addition you will need the Mobile Mouse server program which is freely downloadable from the Mobile Mouse website (PC, Linux and Mac versions). The phone detects the server using Apple's Bonjour broadcast service discovery protocol thus simplyfing configuration and connectivity. The same Mobile Mouse server can take input from either Apple or Android devices.

The free version of Mobile Mouse turns the phone into a track pad similar to that found on a laptop but the inexpensive Mobile Mouse Pro version turns the phone into a fully fledged air mouse. Full instructions can be found at the Mobile Mouse support page.

Standard in both versions of the App are a virtual keyboard for text entry, a screen for media player control and an icon tray/dock for easy switching to any running application.

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