How to Setup NextPVR For Accessing The Internet

NextPVR is a PC program for viewing TV and accessing your PC photos and music. NextPPVR is designed for the 10 foot viewing experience and can be navigated using a remote control (including Windows MCE remote). However unlike MCE, you will need a keyboard and mouse to configure NextPVR, so keep those handy! This page takes you through completing the installation of NextPVR and installing the plugin to launch a web browser.

  1. From the NextPVR website download the application. Right click the background to access the Settings menu of NextPVR (such as setting up your TV card, EPG and configuring plugins)
  2. Download the System and Programs plugins from the NextPVR wiki. The System plugin is espscially important as it allows you to shutdown the PC using the remote control.
  3. To installed the plugin just extract the zip file into the NextPVR data directory, which is by default c:\users\public\NPVR
  4. You will need to enable the visibility of the plugins ; right click the background and choose the Settings option then the Plugins. Note the Add Custom Task button - this reviewer couldnt get this option to option launch Kylo so Programs plugin is needed
  5. If you wish to change the order of the menu options in the NextPVR UI then edit the config.xml file in the NextPVR data directory
  6. To Configure program plugin ; first create a folder to contain the shortcuts you wish to launch from NextPVR. Place a shortcut to Kylo in this new folder. From the Settings/Plugins window select the "- Programs" and Add the location to the shortcut folder just created
  7. Configure NextPVR to run full screen from by ticking the box on the Settings/General screen
  8. Run NextPVR to run at PC startup ; Create bat file with the follwing contents, create a shortcut to the bat file, press the WindowsKey+R and in the box type "shell:startup" this will open the folder for the Windows 10 startup items, move the shortcut just created into this folder
    timeout 10
    cd "C:\Program Files\NPVR"

    (this delay before launching is a hack to ensure NextPVR gets the focus so that it can take the input from the remote control straight away. If you find an altrenative to this hack please contact the author)

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