Review of the Kylo Web Browser

Kylo is web browser specifically designed for viewing the internet on your TV. The Kylo browser takes up the full screen of your PC with no window boundaries or title bar, in this way it is similar to pressing the F11 key on Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers (Internet Explorer also has the F11 key for fullscreen but still retains some window decoration features, meaning it does not provide true fullscreen). The cursor, menus, text and navigation buttons of the Kylo browser are large and clear, ideal for usage from the ten foot distance between your sofa and TV.

The providers of the Kylo browser also sell the Loop which is a special infra-red? mouse that does not require a flat surface on which to move the mouse. Simply point the Loop at the TV or PC screen to guide the cursor (like a Wiimote controlling the Wii Internet Channel). A mouse-like device that does not rely on a flat surface is sometimes called an "air-mouse"

The latest version of the Kylo browser has includes integration with the Windows Media Center and the WMC Remote Control. On installation, if your PC has WMC installed then there is an option to add Kylo as an item to the WMC main menu. Within the Settings menu of Kylo chose the "Allow arrow keys to control cursor" option and then the arrow and OK buttons of the WMC remote can be used to move the Kylo cursor. This Settings option will also allow standard keyboard arrow and Return keys to control the cursor.

On start-up the Kylo browser directs you to a page with a selection of internet content that you may wish to view on your TV, although these websites are not tv-true, i.e. they expect their visitors to be hunched over a PC rather than viewing on a television from a distance. The majority of the links to video content are only accessible to visitors within the US and although Hulu is listed, the Hulu website explicitly prevents the Kylo browser from playing the Hulu videos!. The Kylo home page URL only displays these links when viewed with the Kylo browser. The default homepage can be changed.

Hovering over an icon on the home page will cause kylo to show a preview of the website.

Clicking on the address bar brings up an on-screen keyboard, partially matched URLs are displayed on the right of the keyboard allowing quick access.

The on-screen keyboard also appears when you click into a text box on a page or select the keyboard button. When entering text into a web page form there is also the ability to tab between the form text boxes whilst retaining the on-screen keyboard and automatically scrolling the page view to show the current text box; this is a very useful feature and makes it more usable than the equivalent on-screen keyboard of the Wii Internet Channel.

Kylo allows multiple open pages, pressing the title bar brings up a list of current open pages and allows you to create a new page.

Access to further features of the kylo browser is from the menu button on the right of the bar.

Example option from the Settings menu; note the "Allow arrow keys to control cursor" option that means you can use a the WMC remote control or keyboard to move the Kylo cursor

The star button on the Kylo bar shows the bookmarks. For editing bookmarks, press the Edit button, select the bookmark, then options are shown to delete or rename that bookmark

If your graphics card does not provide overscan correction or if your television does not have a "1:1 pixel" option, then Kylo provides a way reduce the fullscreen display size so that no details from the PC output are lost when displaying through a television.

Using Kylo As Your tv-true Platform

The Kylo browser is available as a free download from and is available for the PC and Mac operating systems.

Your PC or Mac then needs connecting to your TV, the kylo website provides comprehensive advice on your PC to TV connection options and cables required.

How tv-true is the Kylo browser?

Clearly the team behind the Kylo browser have serious intent on making Kylo the platform of choice for access internet content through your television. The stand-out features of the Kylo browser that distinguish it from alternative options are the ease of on-screen form filling and the overscan correction facility.

There is an auto-hide option so that the address bar and other navigation buttons can be configured to auto-hide when not in use, a "barber pole" effect remains at the bottom of the screen that animates when pages load.

With the "Allow arrow keys to control cursor" option Kylo provides limited keyboard control the browser, meaning you would be able to configure an off-the-shelf remote control for use with the browser at the ten foot distance. However only the the arrow keys and Return have an effect, for example there is no key to "go back" through the browser history.

Kylo is designed first and foremost as a browser for your TV, it solves the problems of internet access from the ten foot distance, because of this it deserves every success in the tv-true market.

Miscellaneous Info About the Kylo Browser

The Kylo browser is built using standard Mozilla technology meaning it is reasonably up-to-date with CSS and javascript engine support. The User-agent string for the Kylo browser can be configured in the Settings to mimic other browsers such as Wii or iPad but the default value for the latest version of the browser is

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100222 Firefox/3.6 Kylo/

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