HTML5 Video Player Controlled by the Keyboard

The tv-true video player is a demonstration of how to control the HTML5 video element with only keyboard stokes, rather than a mouse. As it can be controlled using only the keyboard it would be simple to configure a remote control to access all aspects of the video, thus removing a barrier to accessing internet content through the television.

Keys for controlling the tv-true video player

  • space play/pause
  • - or _ less volume
  • = or + more volume
  • m mute
  • < and > scrub back or forwards
  • sre-position at start
  • ere-position at end
  • arrow keysnavigate the media control buttons
  • returnaction the highlighted control button

Link to the tv-true HTML5 player. Dont forget to press F11 to make the browser go full-screen! The tv-true player controls also work with a mouse or air mouse.

The tv-true player requires an HTML5 compatible browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Kylo.

If you are using Firefox or Kylo you will also need to use a mouse to "click into" the window before keyboard strokes are recognised.

Opera will interpret - and + as enlarging the controls display as well as altering the volume.

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